5 tips on correctly brushing your teeth

Here are five recommended tips on brushing your teeth.

  1. Use a soft brush. They are gentler on your teeth and gums.
  2. Use small circular-motion. Do not go left to right, you can do damage to your teeth and gums.
  3. Use gentle pressure. Plaque is soft and loose so harder isn’t really better.
  4. Brush the front, back, and top of every tooth.
  5. Change your toothbrush every 3 months. When the bristles start to look frayed, that’s a good indicator to get a new toothbrush.

If you have any questions visit our website or call Dalton Family and Cosmetic dentistry at (706) 226–2228 to schedule an appointment.




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Dalton Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dalton Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

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