Snacking often? Your risk of tooth decay increases.

Do you feel like you’re eating healthy and brushing daily but still have issues with your teeth? The answer may lie in your eating habits between meals.

People who snack often throughout the day are at a much higher risk of developing tooth decay and cavities.

When food or drink enters the mouth, the environment becomes acidic. This is a natural process that the body does to help digest the food. Each time you grab a bite, your mouth automatically creates acid to help start the process of digestion. Your mouth remains acidic for about 30 minutes after the last gulp. Afterwards, your mouth returns to its resting neutral PH again. Increased mouth acidity also applies to drinks too, with the exception of water.

So we recommend that you eat all your food in one sitting, rather than spacing the snack throughout the day. Your teeth need a rest between having food in them to be able to stay strong and healthy.

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